I13N? More acronyms…

Along with i18n (internationalization) and l10n (localization) I’ve started seeing the term i13n bandied about.

i13n is instrumentation, the act of adding code that generates metrics for your application. In a website, this would commonly be something like Google Analytics or Omniture and in a server based application this could be AppDynamics.

After a quick bit of digging, it appears to have been coined by Christo Lacey-Hulbert at Betfair.

2 thoughts on “I13N? More acronyms…

    1. Martin Post author

      I hope you’re right but before I wrote this, the top 2 hits in google were people writing i13n when they meant i18n. One of the reasons for this post was as insurance so if it does take off, a quick search will remind me!


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