Conference Roundup: Velocity EU 2012 and WebPerfDays

The Velocity EU conference is over for this year and what an amazing time. It’s my third Velocity Conference and it just keeps getting better.

There were brilliant talks everywhere. Newer speakers like Andrew Brockhurst (BBC), Dave Nolan and Mark Jennings (Lonely Planet), Mike Krieger (Instagram), Brian Whitman (EchoNest) alongside veterans like Theo Schlossnagle (OmniTI), Artur Bergman (Fastly), Tim Morrow (Betfair), Steve Souders (Google), Mike Rembetsy, Patrick McDonnell and John Allspaw ( and everyone with a compelling message. Even I finally got up on stage and did a talk along with Abe (slides here) where hopefully I didn’t embarrass myself too much. It’s not a joke that hanging out in the hallway really is a fourth track. Along with the Operations and two Performance tracks, with so many smart people the clever kind of rubs off on you as you wander around in search of coffee. You are so much better just for having been there.

I love the fact that I come from this event charged with new ideas and techniques that I cannot wait to put to use. Velocity is simply a great conference and I would urge anyone with an interest in web performance and operations. I cannot imagine the effort that goes into the organising events like this so my thanks go to all involved.

And to top it off, a community unconference with the London Web Performance Group run by Stephen Thair took place the day after and was a great fillip for the week. Kudos to him too for another great event.

Edit – I feel a bit bad that I didn’t mention the role the sponsors played in these conferences. Special thanks to the folks at Keynote, CDNetworks, Compuware and IP-label and the rest of the sponsors. Their continued support makes these sort of events possible.



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