Monthly Archives: February 2013

Conferences and Social Media

I stumbled across a conference yesterday via twitter. I say stumbled across because it was the least tweeted technology/information conference I have ever come across. From over 160 delegates, vendors and conference organisers there were less than 20 tweets by the middle of the last day and only 1 delegate was actively tweeting with the official hashtag (and a big hat tip to that gentleman since his tweets were how it popped up on my radar). Given how simple it is to do and how effective it can be at driving interest it was almost like they wanted to avoid attention.

Then thing is they obviously weren’t trying to hide themselves away. They had a hashtag and an official account that tweeted upcoming speakers in the previous weeks, the opening night of the conference and a piece of media coverage on one of the keynote talks. Unfortunately that was almost the sum of their activity. From what I could glean it seemed like a fascinating conference but I had no idea; I didn’t go and could only see a single piece presentation.

So what should conferences do here?

Simple: you use your social media presence to entertain, educate and inform your audience. How you use each particular channel is up to you but facebook, twitter, blog posts and slideshare are all givens. Advertise your conference on facebook, live tweet breaking news on twitter and drive interested people towards the presentations on slideshare and indepth analyses on blogs.

This is hardly ground breaking stuff.

Each time I’ve spoken at conferences either I’ve put my presentation on slideshare or the conference organisers have done it for me. Even better is when conferences record the keynote presentations and get them on youtube for all to see. If you want to recoup costs there is nothing stopping you from being able to sell a DVD of all talks separately but holding on tightly to all the content is just bad business as you waste a perfect marketing opportunity. By all means charge for premium content but if you just have a look around at any of the top conferences in this space like Velocity you will see how it should be done.

If you are going to all the trouble of creating a conference or summit it seems plain contrary not to use all the tools that are out there. Your conference benefits, your speakers and attendees benefit and your audience for next year say “I’m going there next year”.

Starting Afresh

Well it’s been a whirlwind couple of months. After 3 years working at Betfair in London I have decided to move on and seek a new challenge.

This new challenge was never just going to involve only some small change since it was always going to involve moving my family from UK to Australia. I’ve lived in London all my life and the opportunity to live in Sydney and see friends and relatives I haven’t seen for years was too good. Upping sticks was never going to be easy but even with the amazing friends I have left behind I think I would have regretted staying and not taking on this adventure.

My entry into Australia has been eased by doing some consultancy for the Australian arm of Betfair which has lessened some of the traditional concerns of the newly arrived – like paying the bills! While it’s awesome it’s also only (and deliberately) a time limited arrangement since I feel it’s time to look for something new and it would be too easy to stay with what I know.

So here I am on the North Shore of the Harbour City, rocking out in the gorgeous weather and wondering what’s around that next corner. Whatever it is, it’s gonna be great!