The Wonders of Wardley Maps

Last month I spoke at the CIO Edge Conference in Sydney. The topic was on innovation in the digital finance space and how we can stay on top of the relentlessly increasing pace of innovation.

One of the things I discussed was using Wardley maps. While not something that deals directly with disruption and new business models, Wardley maps are incredibly useful tools for any business leveraging digital business channels. Originally published as an article in CIO magazine, they describe how the value chain of a system could be mapped against the maturity level of the individual components. Not only do they give a great tool to assess your Digital capabilities against your competitors but they also give you great insight into what components in your system need to be upgraded, either commoditised or customised, to ensure that your Digital innovation efforts are efficient and effective. It’s far too common to see companies focus on the surface layer components and activities without ensuring that the fundamental dependencies are in the correct state to support the customer visible capabilities. Fans of Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints will immediately see their utility.

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