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Playing with JRebel

The London Java Community does more than a few cool things: meetups in the pub, coding dojos, training events, monthly draws and almost impossibly is run a a sane recruiter who actually knows how to deal with IT people. I throw my name into the hat for the prize draws every now and then and last month was my luck was in since I won a JRebel license (for those of you who don’t know JRebel allows the hot deploy of Java code changes and a load more).

Now not only is this a full license rather than being fobbed off with a time-limited trial but it also includes the Enteprise add-on. What makes it even better is that last week I was talking to one of the top techies at my current contract about using JRebel in a development environment so now I get to see exactly how it works. I’m all about the value added 🙂

Come back for an update in the next few weeks.